Yumiko | Certified KonMari® Consultant

I was born and raised in Japan. As a child I enjoyed tidying up my belongings, my family’s and even my friends’. I left home to study abroad in the US and moved to the UK for work. Regardless of the changes, my love for tidying never stopped. 

When I found the KonMari Method® , I realised that spark-joy feel or intuition, which is used in the Method, is very important to creating one’s joyous living. Before I knew the KonMari Method, my preferences and decision making were often influenced by others. However, since I completed a tidying festival using the KonMari Method, I’ve been using my intuition, spark-joy feel, as a guide to make decisions while being more clear about my values.

One of the biggest decisions I’ve made using spark-joy feel was to leave 15+ years of teaching career and start my own business as a KonMari consultant. When I’m working with a client, it feels more like play than work. After each session, I love seeing a client’s smile and hearing about the positive effect on the mind.

I will be honoured to be alongside you during the journey of your physical and mental decluttering processes, and ultimately attaining the living you’re yearning for.