Yumiko Piotrowska | Certified KonMari® Consultant

I was born and raised in Japan. As a child I enjoyed tidying up my belongings, my family’s and even my friends’. I left home to study abroad in the US when I was in high school and ended up staying there also for undergrad, grad school and work. 

Then, a new chapter of my life began in London, UK as a school teacher at an international school. Throughout the different phases of my life, my love for tidying never changed. After dedicating my soul to the school for 15 years, I moved on to a new adventure, KonMari consulting, fully. 

When I found the KonMari Method® I realised that the spark-joy feel, which is used in the Method, is vital to creating one’s joyous living. Before I knew the Method, my preferences and decisions were often influenced by external factors such as cultural expectations or approval from others. 

However, since I completed a tidying festival for myself using the Method, I’ve been using my spark-joy feel as a guide to making decisions, small or big, in life. The profound effects I’ve gained from that were that I’m more clear about my values and I have a stronger sense of self. The quote, “You’re the author of your life,” has become truer to me. 

Small moments that I love during sessions are when the clients smile out of inspiration or accomplishment. I will be honoured to be alongside you during your tidying journey and support you in attaining the living you’re yearning for.