“I never thought I would gain the confidence to ask for help with my home until I met Yumiko. I have never been proud of my home or space and I didn’t believe I ever would. Since working with Yumiko I have found joy in organising and a new appreciation for the things that I own and the space I am lucky to have. She is very caring, understanding, approachable and knowledgeable and has helped me in so many ways. Thank you, I highly recommend your service to anyone who needs to feel more in control and happy in their home!” ~Client LW

“I knew I needed to organise my home at some point, but I didn’t know where to start. Through working with Yumiko I realised that I just needed someone to work with rather than doing it alone. By looking at what I own closely, I have come to understand my preferences and values more clearly. One of the benefits I gained in the process is feeling empowered! ” ~Client EL

“Yumiko was a dream come true! I had so much ‘stuff’ and no idea how to start sorting it. Yumiko was always respectful of my decisions, which was key for me, and helped me to to understand the process so that I could continue working on the rest of my home. Now, when I see each space in my house, I smile instead of cringe. Thank you, Yumiko!” ~Client DL

I wanted to organise the cupboard and drawers in my kitchen, but I didn’t know where to start. Thanks to Yumiko’s help, now every time I open the cupboard or drawers, it makes me smile. I learned the tricks and steps to tidy by category. This is a skill that serves you for a lifetime!

何処から手を付けていいか分からなかった戸棚がスッキリと片付いていて、毎日開ける度に笑顔になります。カテゴリー別にどのように片付けると良いのかをゆみこさんに教えて頂いたのでこれをきっかけに、片付け方のコツを学ぶ事が出来ました。身に付けておくといい一生使えるスキルだと思います。~Client TK

“In the past I tidied my home using the KonMari Method by myself. However, my home went back to the old state quickly. I wasn’t motivated enough to do the process again. Having Yumiko meant I had an accountability partner, and that was very important to me. I felt better and lighter seeing how my home changed after each session. I really appreciate her patience and support during the sessions.” ~Client YW

“I was terrible at letting go of things. I used to think that someday I might use this or that, but someday never came. When I saw how much I actually owned, I thought I had to do something about it. I realised that keeping unnecessary things was just a way of comforting myself. With Yumiko, facing item by item, I came to understand that owning what I like gives me a much better feeling than being safe and comfortable by owning all sorts of things. The whole process changed me and how I relate to things.“ ~Client RB